Thursday, May 21, 2015

Training Session 3 / Lesson 3 (May 2015 Time Table)

ü  Maintain multi UOM/ Barcode
ü  Create price tag/ Maintain Price tag for customer & supplier
ü  Maintain stock category
ü  Maintain item template
ü  Maintain BOM- Production Assembly and Disassembly

ü  Serial number module

Training Session 2 / Lesson 2 (May 2015 Time Table)

ü  Maintain stock group
ü  Maintain stock item/ tax code/ more description
ü  Opening stock qty and cost
ü  Stock received/ Stock issue/ Stock adjustment
ü  View stock card/ Month end stock aging

ü  Print stock physical worksheet

Training Session 1 / Lesson 1 (May 2015 Time Table)

ü  Installation software
ü  Create database
ü  Set financial year/ Create company profile/ Set report header/ Start GST
ü  Maintain customer/ Maintain supplier/ Maintain item code/ Maintain GL account GST
ü  Transaction: Purchasing (Invoice, Purchase return)/ Sales (Invoice, Credit note)
ü  Payment: Customer and Supplier
ü  Discount Transaction: Customer and Supplier
ü  Cash book entry (monthly expenses)
ü  Print ledger report/ View statement/ View P & L report

ü  GST 03 Process